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Success cannot live where complacency dwells.

Nino Says: My first thought...

Do you value the comfortableness of others over the betterment of yourself?

Think about this...

If you have the urge to expound on your being, then you are ready to do just that, no matter if you think you may not know how to. What do you think this submission is? A step, baby girl. Congratulations, you just started.

You do yourself a disservice when you feel bad for trying to improve and reach your goals. You can’t let other folks dictate what kind of person you are. You were put on this earth to learn how to be your best you!

I suggest..

you journal. Write down how it is you want to improve and tackle them one by one until you begin to feel proud and confident of thoughts you have and decisions you make.

This requires you to self reflect daily. Then pay attention to who is “hurt” and how they seem to be. If these people you care about truly care about you, then they will support your personal progress. Any person or space that leaves you feeling bad is the wrong space or person.

If you’re having difficulty letting go, then you may have to tell them that they are important to you, which is why you want to be transparent. See how they respond.

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